Clicking on the dates below will show you what the Corps was eating on that part of their journey.


If you had to feed 33 men on a journey that could last two years and cover 7,689 miles, how much food would you need to pack? And, what kinds of food? It would be a difficult decision, wouldn't it?

As Captain, Lewis had to make this decision, and he packed the following provisions:

  • 15 bags of parched meal
  • 9 bags of common meal
  • 11 bags hulled corn
  • 30 half barrels of flour
  • 2 bags of flour
  • 7 bags of biscuit
  • 4 barrels of biscuit
  • 7 barrels of salt
  • 50 kegs of Pork
  • 2 boxes of candles
  • 1 bag of candle-wick
  • 1 bag of coffee
  • 1 bag of Beens
  • 1 bag of pees
  • 2 bags of sugar
  • 1 keg of Hogs lard
  • 4 barrels of hulled corn
  • 1 bag of meal
  • 600 lbs of Grees
  • 50 bushels meal
  • 24 bushels Natchies Corn Huled

Although it would not always be possible, the Corps could supplement its food supply along the way by hunting game and by gathering fruits, berries, and other edibles.

In addition, Lewis purchased 193 pounds of "portable soup" as an emergency ration. The soup was a thick liquid-type substance made from beef and stored in cans. The men all agreed it tasted terrible and dreaded eating it!


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