The SWCD's Natural Resources Conservation Educational Facility is home to the 50 Trees of Indiana Exhibit, a wetland, the path of a waterdrop exhibit, a butterfly garden and other wildlife plantings and habitat areas.

The area is used throughout the year for group programs as well as enjoyed by thousands during the county 4-H fair. The facility may be toured free of charge, however, we ask that you check-in at the SWCD office before doing so.


In the fall of 2016, the Clark County SWCD applied for, and received, a Clean Water Indiana grant to rennovate their outdoor educational facility into a "Pathway to Water Quality." Modeled after the original Pathway at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, ours is a scaled down version, but includes many of the same educatonal elements to teach us how to protect and preserve our water resources.
Fish tank Rennovation work began in the spring of 2017. The old fish tank was removed, but it's been replaced with a more natural-looking, landscaped pond, complete with waterfall, creekstone, and native fish.
The faded blue circle of the old fish tank remained for the 2017 4-H fair. The circle was re-purposed for the 2018 fair. It was given a fresh coat of blue paint, and a map of Clark County was added. The circle will be completed in 2019, with the addition of wording "Where In The Watershed Are You?", and the boundaries of the watersheds within Clark County designated. Fish tank removed
Future Butterfly house One of the three original grain bin structures was initially retained as cover for educatonal exhibits and guests during fair week. It was converted to a walk-through butterfly house in the spring of 2018.
Two native plant beds were added with signs to explain the benefits native plants, and their use as pollinator habitat. Native plant bed 1
Square foot garden Our square foot garden was expanded to two above ground plots. Cover crops, which had inhabited one of the plots, were moved to a larger area of the exhibit, and given a sign to explain their use and benefits.
The space adjacent to the shelter house was transformed into a multi-use area: a bat house (not shown in this picture) was installed to the front of the shelter; signs were added to explain how bats and wetlands (like the one to the rear of our shelter) function in nature; and the cover crop bed was relocated here. The new pond feature was installed at the outer edge of this area.


Clark County Soil and Water Conservation District, 9608 Highway 62, Charlestown, IN 47111
812-256-2330, ext. 3